Hannah Gadsby wants Louis C.K. to remain “a joke” following the claims of sexual misconduct against him.

The comedian chatted with the LA Times about her new comedy special “Douglas”, C.K. and why he’s now “angry and bitter.”

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“He is a joke now. And I think it’s important to keep making that joke,” she said. “What the issue is, for a long time Louis C.K.’s comedy platform was that he was this hopeless guy bumbling through the world. And at some stage, he was no longer that, but that was still his voice. And I think he still believes that. He has not reassessed his position of power, and that is why he was able to abuse it. He still honestly thinks he’s the victim in all of this.”

And Gadsby says his return to stand up comedy in 2018 and his controversial jokes about the transgender community, the Parkland shooting survivors, individuals with disabilities and his own predatory behaviour means he hasn’t changed.

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“He’s just angry and bitter,” Gadsby said. “Why are we trusting a man who has a compulsion like that, where it diminishes the humanity of the people around him? Why do we care what he thinks about the human condition?”

In November 2017, Louis C.K. admitted to masturbating in front of female comics, later apologizing.

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