50 Cent Says Bow Wow Stole His Money At A Strip Club

50 Cent is claiming yet another celeb owes him money.

The rapper hosted a big event at an Atlanta strip club over the weekend and gave out stacks of $1 bills for the guests to give to the dancers but it appears one guest took an unreasonable amount.

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On Wednesday, 50 Cent took to Instagram in a series of videos to accuse rapper Bow Wow of picking up and taking home several stacks of money.

50 Cent added that he expects Bow Wow to give him the money back “by Monday.”

The rapper also posted a video showing Bow Wow with several stacks of cash stuffed in his pants and under his arm while talking to another party guest, DC Young Fly.

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In response to 50 Cent’s accusation, Bow Wow posted his own video, joking about “getting that movie money before him, getting that TV money before him, b***hes before him” and then counting out $1,000 to give back.

“Did he just call Ciara a b***h,” 50 Cent asked in a repost of Bow Wow’s video. “She’s not gonna like this.”

Bow Wow and the singer Ciara dated from 2004 to 2006, getting engaged before finally calling it off.

In 2007, Ciara and 50 Cent began dating, eventually splitting up in 2010.

In his post, 50 Cent also gave Bow Wow instructions on how to get the money back to him and warned, “don’t be ever doing s**t behind my back again.”

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