‘The Shining’ Lives On In First Trailer For ‘Doctor Sleep’

After nearly 40 years, Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece “The Shining” is finally getting a sequel.

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On Thursday, Warner Bros. debuted the first trailer for “Doctor Sleep”, the sequel to the 1980 classic based on the novel by Stephen King.

Ewan McGregor stars as Danny Torrance, all grown up after the terrifying events of the original film. Now an alcoholic like his father, his mysterious “shining” abilities come back to him as he attempts to get himself sober.

Danny soon meets a young girl with the same powers and soon discovers there are many more just like him who have the shining.

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“Doctor Sleep” is written and directed by “The Haunting of Hill House” creator Mike Flanagan, adapted from King’s 2013 novel.

The film hits theatres Nov. 8.

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