Rob Lowe Is All In For A ‘West Wing’ Reboot — And Pitches Himself As The New President

With all the classic TV shows being revived in recent years, one series that is persistently rumoured to be returning is “The West Wing” — and if the series, set in the administration of fictional U.S. President Josiah Bartlet (Martin Sheen), were to be rebooted, one of the stars says he’s already on board.

“Of course I’m in,” Rob Lowe told BBC Radio 5 when asked if he’d participate in a revival of Aaron Sorkin’s acclaimed drama. “I’m in my suit ready to play Sam Seaborn.”

However, Lowe isn’t sure that Sorkin is ready to return to 1600 Pennsylvania Boulevard.

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“I don’t think [Sorkin] is [writing a sequel]. I think he thinks about it, I think he’s asked about it incessantly, and in a perfect world there would be a version of it. But the problem with it is that, as yet, he’s been unable to figure out what that show looks like.”

If a reboot were to happen, Lowe already has a new POTUS in mind.

“I think all [Sorkin] needs to do, frankly, is go back and watch the show where [Bartlet] says ‘Sam, you’ll be president one day, don’t be afraid,'” he explained. “There’s your show. Hello, Aaron Sorkin, hello, you wrote it.”

While no “West Wing” revival has been confirmed, a few years back Sorkin admitted he’s been toying with the idea — although a Sam Seaborn presidency isn’t what he had in mind.

“[My dream reboot would include] Sterling K. Brown as the president, and there’s some kind of jam, an emergency, a very delicate situation involving the threat of war or something, and Bartlet, long since retired, is consulted in the way that Bill Clinton used to consult with Nixon,” Sorkin said in a 2017 interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

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If Sorkin ever does move forward with that concept, he can be assured his star will be right there with him.

“#AaronSorkin if you are serious, sir, I would be honoured!” responded the “This Is Us” star in a tweet.

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