Madonna’s Concert Promoter Slams Claims Her Concerts Aren’t Selling

After the New York Post claimed that Madonna’s tour has been “tarnished by sluggish ticket sales” her concert promoter, Arthur Fogel, is fighting back.

A post on Tuesday read,  “Four years ago, Madonna was selling out shows at Madison Square Garden. Now, she’s struggling to sell out the BAM opera house in Brooklyn.” Adding that “hundreds of seats still available for most gigs after more than a month on the block,” even with a tour that “will focus on small, [theatre-type] venues that typically only have a few thousand seats each.”

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Speaking to Pollstar, Madonna’s promoter calls the article “a poorly researched tabloid story.”

“There’s something really amiss there. If you go back in history, each of her last four tours, they’ve gone on full attack mode on Madonna. … It’s astounding to me that a business writer would have no clue about our business and people keep putting out stories like this,” he added.

Variety points out that “the Post is not wrong that there are tickets still available for most, if not all, of Madonna’s upcoming shows in 2,000-3,000 seat halls,” however, Fogel says that additional tickets have since gone on sale after the system used the Verified Fan program to weed out the scalpers and scammers.

“With Verified Fan,” Fogel said, “we get all these registrants and at the end of registration period, you do a cleanse because you have algorithms to get rid of duplicate credit cards, people trying to scam blocks of tickets and all that sort of stuff. After all the (legitimate) registrants were satisfied with tickets, we had a few thousand tickets left so we put them on sale Monday morning.”

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The “Like A Virgin” singer will be putting on 17 shows at the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House in Brooklyn.  “So I started with seven shows [at BAM] and then I announced another five, so I’m at 12. Then, I announced another five and I’m at 17,” Fogel noted. “Now, is there some business model that says you add shows when you’re failing? Because if there is, I’ve never seen it. I’ve gone backwards in my career but I’ve never added shows because they’re not selling.”

“Maybe in New York I’ll add a few shows just to f**k with the Post,” he added laughing.

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