Elizabeth Banks Is Rebooting ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Because She Wanted A Female Driven Movie Not About ‘The Cats They Didn’t Feed’

From her Brownstone Production office that she shares with hubby Max Handelman, Elizabeth Banks gave The Hollywood Reporter a better idea of why she wanted to reboot “Charlie’s Angels”.

“I thought you could expand the world beyond three women on the beach in California and relaunch it as a global spy franchise. I thought about [the detective agency’s faceless boss] Charles Townsend as the basis of it, and the ’70s, which is when I was born, and the women’s movement over the past 40 years. And I thought about what a really wealthy man who was a benefactor to these women in the ’70s would have grown that organization into over 40 years,” Banks said of the movie set to be released Nov. 1.

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“I went back to the original idea in ‘Charlie’s Angels’, which was that women were in the workforce. And all of the things that I feel are happening in the women’s movement right now, whether it be #MeToo, or — I say this in a time of dire straits for women’s rights in this country right now — but I feel like all those things are happening because women are in the workforce in greater numbers than ever in human history.”

Boiled down, Banks just “wanted to make a movie that was not about their boyfriends that they didn’t see enough, or the cats they didn’t feed, or the mother that they didn’t call.”

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The reboot will star Ella Balinska, Naomi Scott and Kristen Stewart as the new Angels.



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