Jimmy Kimmel Gets Tom Hanks To Steal A Cardboard Cutout Of Himself From Souvenir Shop

Jimmy Kimmel provided proof that Tom Hanks isn’t as nice as people think he is during the actor’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Thursday.

Kimmel mentioned how nice Hanks was, before he gave him a task involving the Hollywood souvenir shop next to the studio.

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The talk-show host asked, “Have you ever stolen anything?” before Hanks quipped: “Other than material? Not in my adult life.”

Kimmel then told him to head over to the shop and steal a cutout of himself, with Hanks insisting: “Watch this!”

He added, “The only thing I’m going to be arrested for is being too charming.”

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Hanks being Hanks, obviously he had to stop and talk to people and be incredibly nice along the way.

The star also spoke about “Toy Story 4” and the movie’s fabulous cast during the interview.

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