The new HBO series “Euphoria” may be about the teen experience but the content in it is as mature as it gets.

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An article at The Hollywood Reporter describes scenes of intense violence, drug use, and graphic nudity, including a scene featuring “an erect penis,” and adds that “in one episode alone, close to 30 penises flash onscreen.”

The episode in question reportedly features a “Carrie” homage set in a locker room but with naked men instead of women. Originally there were actually a lot more penises, creator Sam Levinson told THR, “like, 80 more.”

The extreme nature of the show, which stars “Spider-Man: Far From Home” actress Zendaya, has already stirred controversy, with Parents Television Council president Tim Winter warning in a press release that the show “appears to be overtly, intentionally marketing extremely graphic adult content — sex, violence, profanity and drug use — to teens and preteens.”

In an interview with The New York Times, Zendaya downplayed the controversial aspects of the show.

“I don’t find it that shocking, to be honest,” she said. “People will. I kind of accepted the fact that it would be polarizing. I found a little calm in that. Whether people like it or not, it’s real. I’m telling somebody’s story. Just because it’s not happening to you doesn’t mean it’s not happening all the time, every day. It’s hard for me to speak on addiction because it’s not something I have dealt with directly. But I still had friends who were dealing with things, and I had to help them through it.”

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The article notes that, as per recent standards at HBO, the “Euphoria” production employed an intimacy co-ordinator to ensure all scenes containing sex and/or nudity were filmed safely with the actors.

“Euphoria” premieres Sunday, June 16, after “Big Little Lies”.