Kumail Nanjiani Tells Ellen About The Time Oprah Touched His Face

Kumail Nanjiani recently met Oprah and it was a transformative experience.

The actor and comedian is on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Friday and while there, talks about his encounter with the media mogul at Apple’s big TV streaming event earlier this spring.

“I do the speech and as I come backstage, there’s Oprah!” Nanjiana recalls. “And when you see Oprah, you’re not like, Is that Oprah? You’re like, That’s Oprah! You feel it.”

Things got even more amazing from there, though.

“She looked at me and she waved, and she walked over and was giving me a high 10, which is called The Oprah,” Nanjiani continues. “So as she’s giving me The Oprah, I go, ‘Hi, I’m Kumail,’ and she goes, ‘I know, honey.’ And then she touched my face and said, ‘I’m Oprah.'”

He adds, jokingly, “My wife has not been allowed to touch my face since then.”

Nanjiani also shares with Ellen that he has recently started exercising but jokes that it’s actually made him feel worse about himself. See more in the clips.

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