Late-Night Hosts Gleefully Joke About Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Resignation From The Trump Administration

Donald Trump’s press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced Thursday that she will be resigning her post at the end of the month, and the late-night shows had a field day.

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the host joked that Sanders had a habit of delivering a load of “Hucka B.S.” during press conferences.

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“She’s going home to become a professional skateboarder. That’s true, or at least it’s as true as everything she said while she was working at the White House,” Kimmel laughed.

Playing a clip of Trump’s official announcement of her departure, Kimmel noted, “Have you ever seen that face so happy before? She is literally Hucka-beaming with joy at the thought of leaving.”

On “The Daily Show”, Trevor Noah also took aim at Sanders’ notoriety for speaking falsehoods to the press.

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“Sarah Huckabee Sanders is quitting,” he said. “We know this is true because she denied it.

“But this news isn’t that surprising because you realize she stopped giving press conferences months ago, so it’s just quitting what she already wasn’t doing. She basically quit being press secretary the same way Trump quit CrossFit.”

Also weighing in on Sanders’ departure was Jim Carrey, who created another of his now-iconic drawings to call out her hypocrisy:


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