Billy Porter Releases Catchy New Pride Month Single ‘Love Yourself’

Billy Porter has released his brand-new single “Love Yourself” to coincide with Pride Month.

Broadway star Porter, who wore a uterus-patterned dress to make a statement about women’s rights at Sunday’s Tony Awards, said in a press release, “I’m thrilled to be spreading the message of self-love to my community whose humanity and worth have been up for legislation for way too long.

“On this 50th anniversary of Stonewall I’m proud to unite with my LGBTQ brothers & sisters to remind the world that we’re here and we ain’t goin’ nowhere. Love always wins!”

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Songwriter D. Smith added, “Billy’s talent and his platform are the perfect vessels for such an urgent message. As a proud African-American transgender woman and music producer, I just knew he would be the right messenger for this song and I was right, he killed it!”

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“It was an amazing experience working with Billy in the studio and I am thrilled to have written and produced the track for him. My LGBTQIA+ friends and family need to hear this. The world needs to hear it as well.”

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