The original cast members of “Degrassi” High are getting together for a three-day nostalgia fest.

“Degrassi” fans can relive their glory days at the fictional school in the 1980s and ’90s from June 14-16, according to organizer Pat Mastroianni, who played the dreamy Joey Jeremiah.

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“Normally, a high school reunion is tedious, and you really don’t want to go,” Mastroianni, 47, said. “For many of our socially awkward fans … this is the high school reunion they want to go to.”

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At the request of the show’s rights-holders, Mastroianni stresses that the event at the Westin Toronto Airport Hotel is in no way affiliated with the official “Degrassi” franchise. Mastroianni is self-financing the convention and broke even a few weeks ago after selling 300 tickets.

The schedule for the event includes a bus tour of the Toronto locations where “Degrassi” was shot and a trivia contest.

It also includes activities like a cosplay competition where fans will whip out the hairspray and don their ’80s finest, and a throwback karaoke and dance party.

There will be around 25 cast members and crew members on the guest list for the three-day festival including Nicole Stoffman, who played Stephanie Kaye; Amanda Stepto, who played Christine (Spike) Nelson; and Stefan Brogren, who played Archie (Snake) Simpson, and Stacie Mistysyn, who played Caitlin Ryan.

The lineup of cast members has been sorted into groups of five. Each group will meet with fans, sign autographs and hold photo-ops that can cost up to $70.

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Mastroianni said that the costs are only meant to cover their costs of travel and accommodations of the “Degrassi” alum.

He said his goal with Degrassi Palooza is to erase the high-school-esque hierarchy that elevates the celebrity “cool kids” above their adoring masses.

“We all made it through that very awkward stage in our life, and we’re on the other side,” said Mastroianni. “We’re still sometimes a little bit shy and awkward and anxiety-ridden, and that’s OK. We’re allowed to feel that way, and we can teach each other some life lessons along the way.”

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If fans purchase weekend passes to Degrassi Palooza they will receive access to things such as screenings of never released candid on-set behind-the-scenes videos and slide shows filmed by the cast, all day Q&As with cast and crew and special guests (45-60 minutes in length each), and Saturday evening complimentary screening of the 2-hour “Degrassi” finale movie “School’s Out” and more.

According to the Eventbrite page for Degrassi Palooza the full cast attending will be:

Stefan Brogren – Snake

Amanda Stepto – Spike

Kirsten Bourne Kelly – Tessa Effing Campanelli

Stacie Mistysyn – Caitlin

Pat Mastroianni – Joey

Nicole Stoffman – Stephanie Kaye

Rebecca Haines-Saah – Kathleen Mead

Dayo Ade – B.L.T

Maureen McKay – Michelle

Dan Woods – Mr. Raditch

Michelle Goodeve – Ms. Avery

Chrisa Erodotos – Diana

Cathy Keenan – Liz

Maureen Deiseach – Heather Farrell

Angela Deiseach – Erika Farrell

Siluck Saysanasy – Yick Yu

Jacy Hunter – Amy Holmes

Billy Parrott – Shane

Niki Kemeny – Voula

Darrin Brown – Dwayne

Arlene Lott – Nancy

David Parcells – Claude

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