Billie Eilish Asks Her Fans To ‘Be Smarter’ And Become Vegan

Billie Eilish is using her voice to advocate for veganism.

The “Bury A Friend” singer took to Instagram to show how cows at one of the largest dairy farms in the United States are treated.

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The video first shared from another account claims to be footage from the Fair Oaks Farm in Indiana where “the largest undercover dairy investigation in history” took place.

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Fair life? Nothing can be fair when you are being treated like a product, whether it’s an industrial dairy farm or a small family owned dairy farm who “cares for their animals” when profits are involved, they can’t deeply care for the animals, they care about their investments, their PROFITS. When cows can live to 20 years but in the dairy industry their lifespan is typically 4 years, FINANCIALLY, it makes ZERO sense for these farmers to keep and care for cows who can no longer produce milk and male calves are not profitable since they cannot produce milk. So what happens to them? Cows who no longer produce milk are sold and turned into cheap hamburger meat and male calves are often left to die or sold for veal. Whether it’s an industrial dairy farm or small/family owned, these animals are just a profitable product to them. Please watch and share this video. Please stop funding this industry! There are so many dairy free alternatives. • The largest undercover #dairy investigation in history is being released with video evidence documenting systemic and illegal abuse at Fair Oaks Farms in #FairOaks, #Indiana. 🐄💔 #FairOaksFarms is one of the largest dairies in the U.S. and produces dairy products for the Fairlife milk brand – which is produced, marketed and distributed by the Coca-Cola Corporation. Undercover investigators from Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) confirmed abuse virtually on a daily basis and that male #calves are in fact transported to #veal farms (Midwest Veal and Calf Start), despite the corporation's claims that it does not. ARM calls on the #CocaColaCorporation, which claims to have a progressive stance on #animalwelfare, to end their relationship with Fairlife Corporation and cut their ties with the veal industry.🙏 Via Animal Recovery Mission “If It’s Not Good Enough For Your Eyes, Why Is It Good Enough For Your Stomach?” Say no to dairy and go for plant alternatives.

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“I keep my mouth shut most of the time about this because I believe everyone should do eat and say whatever they want..and I don’t feel the need to shove what I believe in, in anyone’s face,” Billie wrote in her Instagram story.

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“But man.. if you can watch the videos that I just posted and not give a fuck that its YOU contributing by LITERALLY EATING the creatures that are being fully tortured just for your pleasure. I feel sorry for you.”

She then challenged those who say that being just one person won’t change anything.

“That’s ignorant and stupid. If you have half a brain, you should know ‘one person’ adds up. Be smarter.”

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