Gabrielle Union And Jessica Alba Speak Out About ‘L.A.’s Finest’ On-Set Accident

“L.A.’s Finest” stars Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba are opening up about the horrific on-set accident in February that left showrunner Brandon Sonnier with a partially amputated leg when a stunt went awry.

Speaking with Variety while attending the Monte Carlo Television Festival, the stars of the “Bad Boys” TV spinoff share the emotions that they and the show’s cast and crew have been experiencing since the accident, which occurred when a stunt car accidentally rammed into a cargo crate, which then slammed into the area where Sonnier was watching the scene and pinned his leg.

“I don’t know if there is a word that’s big enough to describe how the whole production felt, how everyone associated with the show felt, I don’t know if saying it was ‘heartbreaking’ or ‘devastating’ is enough,” said Union.RELATED: ‘L.A.’s Finest’ Crew Member Had to Have Leg Amputated After Set Accident“I don’t have a word. With all of my fancy degrees I don’t have a word that’s big enough to describe how we felt,” she added.

“I think Brandon led us. He was back coaching on the sidelines of his kids’ games within a week and a half. We were still like… and he was like ‘It’s my new normal; get on board, guys,’” said Union.

“A fully hands-on father… he is so resilient and inspiring,” said Alba. “But when you go through something that is like that you see the type of family and community that you surround yourself with, and he and all of us really came together as a family in a way that you just never even realize until something like that happens.”

According to Alba, she and Sonnier have been in contact about the upcoming second season after the recent news of the show’s renewal.

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“We’ve been texting. They are excited for this next season. They are already pitching different things. We are securing our crew. They are texting us about that. There are many emojis that he is using. Yeah, he is just so resilient,” said Alba (she and Union are also exec producers on the show).

“He’s like: ‘Okay, great! Back in the writers’ room. Who do we need? Who is going to be permanent. What directors do we need. Are we going to start lining up…”

Union added: “Like us they take their seat at the table very seriously as well. He was like: ‘Guys, this is the new normal, and I want to make sure that while I still have a seat at this table I keep that door open, and I have embraced my new normal. Get on board, let’s move forward, and who else can we empower this season… female directors, directors of colour, creating storylines that touch even more communities. He’s leading and we are following.”

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Union also sent “a big shout” to temple Sonnier attends. “They have a huge village and we all folded in, and we were all there as an entire production along with their temple family and we just rallied around, and that’s who we are as a production and that’s who we are as people. But we have been led by him and been inspired by him.”

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