The Raptors’ historic NBA Championship win may have led Oprah Winfrey to cancel the Toronto stop on her “Your Path Made Clear” book tour, but she’s still full of team spirit.

Repping the Raptors in a jersey with her name on it, Winfrey was in Montreal to speak about her book, The Path Made Clear, telling ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey if she had to cancel a tour stop, this was a pretty good reason.

“I was supposed to be in Toronto. But listen — What a great reason not to be in Toronto! Up until the last game, I think Wednesday night was the, ‘Should we stop? Should we cancel?’ So we did. It was the right decision to make. Then we were trying to find a jersey. It’s hard to find,” she says.

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For Winfrey, her latest book has a special place in her heart with all proceeds going to the Boys & Girls Club in Attala, Mississippi. “I’m not just out here tryna buy more shoes, y’all!” she jokes.

“It’s right down the road from where I grew up,” she says of the club she started 14 years ago. “They need money to sustain it and so that’s what I’m doing. I’m out here stumping for the Boys & Girls Club.”

With the title of her book and tour, Winfrey says her path is clear — she’s here to help inspire others on their own journey with The Path Made Clear.

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“I know that I’m an inspiration. I’m here to help other people discover the best of themselves,” she says. “First, I was here to do it for myself, as is every person, and then you’re supposed to take what you have found for yourself — whatever that is — and use that to offer it to the world. When you can use whatever it is — if it’s making pies, being a good friend, being a good listener, whatever it is — if you take what you know is your gift and you share it, you spread it around to other people, that gift gets bigger.”

It’s a path that Winfrey herself has been on and one that she can recognize in others.

“I have seen the pattern for myself, I see the pattern for you, and for everybody else,” she tells Cheryl. “You tell me what you’re doing, you tell me how much that thing feeds you or doesn’t feed you, and I can tell you that the moment you’re having right now is building to the next great moment that is coming for you.”

Winfrey’s “Your Path made Clear” tour will make Canadian stops in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver this month. For more Winfrey, watch “Oprah Presents: Master Class” and “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” on OWN Canada.