Tom Hanks And Gillian Anderson Face Their Fears With Musical Performance

Neither Tom Hanks nor Gillian Anderson is very musically inclined, but that didn’t stop them from performing for James Corden.

The two actors were both on the couch for “The Late Late Show” Monday night, and Anderson talked about having to sing a song while starring in All About Eve onstage, despite being, in her own words, “bad” at singing.

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Hanks also revealed his own fear of performing music, specifically playing guitar, which he can do, but only in the most basic chords. He brought a guitar with him, though, and soon coaxed Anderson into singing the Beatles’ “Hey Jude” while he played.

During their interview Anderson also talked about a very interesting social media habit.

The “Sex Education” star likes to share her #PenisOfTheDay, in which she posts a photo of an object from nature that happens to look like a penis, including a penis-shaped iceberg, a cactus, a poodle, and more.

Hanks, meanwhile, revealed that when he was preparing to play Woody in the original “Toy Story” he pitched Pixar on using “the voice that I’d like to have as a human being.”

That voice sounded a whole lot like Batman.

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The actor also revealed that the first movie he ever saw as a five-year-old child was supposed to have been Disney’s “101 Dalmatians” but when his parents dropped him off at the theatre, the cartoon wasn’t playing anymore and instead he watched something called “The Shriek of Fear”.

Hanks is scarred by the experience to this day.

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