Kevin Bacon’s moustache really had to go.

As the 60-year-old actor explained on Monday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, he grew the ‘stache for his role in the new TV drama “City on a Hill”.

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“You know, we just wrapped today, and I’m so anxious to get it off,” he told Meyers. “Would you mind if I took it off right now?”

Bacon then pulled out two electric razors and a mirror and shaved the moustache off right there.

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During the interview, Meyers also talked about how he once went on “Finding Your Roots” and a DNA test revealed that he and Bacon are actually related.

“I’m one degree from Kevin Bacon,” the host joked.

“Now are you from the evil side of the family or the good side?” Bacon asked before inviting him to Thanksgiving this year.