k.d. lang Says Rumoured Romance With Madonna Was A ‘Lesbian Chic’ PR Stunt

Back in the ’90s, a rumour circulated that Canadian chanteuse k.d. lang had a fling with Madonna, causing a stir in the music industry while garnering attention for both women.

While neither woman ever denied the rumour, lang is now admitting the whole thing was completely bogus.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, the 57-year-old singer divulges that the rumour was a perfect fit with the times, dovetailing with the era’s “lesbian chic” trend.

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“We shared a publicist,” she says, leading the interviewer to ask if that publicist started the rumours in order to sell records.

“I don’t know the entire story,” she responds. “Maybe.”

She explains why she and Madonna were in each other’s orbits at the time.

“I was kind of dating one of Madonna’s close friends, so we were in a circle,” she says. “We hung out. The lesbian chic thing was something that both Madonna and I benefited from. I didn’t know it was implied that we were actually doing it but Madonna and I never did.”

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For her part, Madonna, 60, fed the rumour in a 1991 interview with gay publication The Advocate, describing lang as “gorgeous, by the way.”

In fact, Madonna, who was recently divorced from actor Sean Penn, added: “She looks like Sean. I met her, and I thought, Oh my God, she’s the female version of Sean. I could fall in love with her.”

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