Chris Hemsworth Carries A Woman Into A Restaurant, Goes Head-To-Head With James Corden In ‘Best Waiter’ Battle

First it was dodgeball and now James Corden has got competitive with Chris Hemsworth in a “Best Waiter” “Late Late Show” challenge.

Corden and Hemsworth visited a high-end restaurant in London, where they greeted guests in an over-the-top manner and attempted to out-do one another.

Corden told the actor, “You’re a movie star, you’re an action hero, you’re a great actor, you’re beautiful, alright. But when it comes to charm on a front desk, this is where I win. I am Louis Charmstrong.”

They went on to have many a dig at one another as they welcomed guests into the restaurant, with Hemsworth telling one group: “This one’s on James. It’s a cheap wine he’s given you, but once you finish that, I’ll get you a real bottle.”

Corden then told them, “If Chris sits down, just to warn you, you probably are going to be talking a lot about Chris Hemsworth.”

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Other digs included Hemsworth whipping out his huge pepper grinder which put Corden’s little one to shame and Corden admitting Hemsworth’s latest “Men in Black” movie wasn’t the same without the original theme song.

Hemsworth even carried one woman into the restaurant at one point, while Corden announced to everyone that another lady had an allergy to walnuts.

See who won the “Best Waiter” battle in the clip above.

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