Woman Leaves ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges Shocked With Bizarre Rat Act

Things got even more bizarre on Tuesday night’s “America’s Got Talent”.

The latest episode saw contestant Melissa Arleth introduce her rat, Hanta, to the judges.

She said of her act, “I had some pet rats that I loved very much and I was working as a performer, so I started training my rats to do a couple of tricks.

“I trained them to do some more stuff, and they started taking over the show.”

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In the act, Arleth leads Hanta through an obstacle course called the Cirque du Sewer, with her even doing the splits at one point as the rat wanders across her legs while she is upside down.

Gabrielle Union said after the performance, “I’ve never seen rat talent like this.”

Simon Cowell added, “It was bonkers. I think rats have just got bad PR.”

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Arleth, who has also performed on “The Gong Show”, earned four YESes and a pass-through to the next round.

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