Millie Bobby Brown is sharing the trick to Eleven’s telekinesis on “Stranger Things”.

Eleven’s powers on the Netflix series manifest in a bloody nose. The 15-year-old actress reveals to James Corden during an appearance on “The Late Late Show”‘s annual visit to London that she squeezes a mixture of coloured corn syrup into her nose before camera roll.

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“You squeeze it in, and then whenever you feel it, I put my head down and I say, ‘Okay, guys, everybody ready… Roll camera, O, action!’ and then wait,” she reveals, adding that timing is everything. “And then if it comes and if it doesn’t, then I’ve screwed up my timing.”

Demonstrating the move to Corden, Brown adds: “And then sometimes I get my timing wrong, and the director’s like, ‘Millie!'”

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Brown says fans can expect big changes for Eleven when season 3 of “Stranger Things” lands on Netflix on July 4 featuring a “bigger force, a bigger nature” that will affect the residents of Hawkins.

“Eleven’s evolved,” she says. “We’re not kids anymore. We’re growing up, and I guess that’s kind of the fight with the show this season.”