Betty Gilpin is sharing her interesting experience with a witch.

The actress sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night, opening up about curing a full body twitch that caused her problems during shooting “Master Of Sex” and prepping for Netflix’s “Glow”.

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Even after meeting with multiple medical professionals, the twitch continued to affect her work. So, Gilpin turned to Yelp.

“To fix it, I went on Yelp and found, you know, a witch,” she confessed. “She didn’t bill herself as a witch. She was like a massage therapist, but the second I met her I was like, ‘You a witch.'”

But the witch’s interesting methods helped.

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“The witch was like, ‘I think your inner child is trying to tell you something,'” she explained. “So I was like, ‘You’re crazy, I can’t… okay, let’s talk to her!’ We talked to my inner child… and the muscle spasm stopped!”

Season three of Netflix’s hit “Glow” returns to the streaming service on August 9.