Fans are going to be seeing a lot more of Louis Tomlinson in the near future.

The former One Direction singer was on “The Late Late Show” Wednesday and host James Corden asked about his work on a debut solo album.

Tomlinson acknowledged that he’s been working on songs for the album “for a while now” and that he plans to “release songs a little bit more frequently.”

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“At the moment it’s three or four months in between, so I think I’m going to do two or three at once and get myself back on the road.”

Corden jumped at the last bit and asked, “Back on the road? Are we talking about a tour this year?”

“I think next year,” Tomlinson responded, as the audience screamed in delight, “which I’m really excited about. You know obviously we spent 70 per cent of our time in One Direction on the road, so it’s been a while for me to do a tour.”

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Also during the show, Corden spoke to guest Ian McKellen about filming the upcoming musical adaptation “Cats” together, and then brought up the time Tomlinson plays a cat on a previous episode of “The Late Late Show”.

Corden convinced Tomlinson to reprise the role with him, playing cats having a fight with their paws.