After the success of her 2014 single “Hideaway”, Kiesza is back and better than ever with her new single, “Sweet Love”.

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In contrast to her EDM-influenced 2014 track, “Sweet Love” is a powerful pop-ballad, and in an interview with Paper magazine, the Canadian musician shared the inspiration behind her new sound.

“I got big for ‘Hideaway’, but before ‘Hideaway’ I was a songwriter. I really thought that was my career, I would just be an industry songwriter because I’m really good at crossing genres,” she explained.

When it comes to her upcoming album, the singer reassured her fans that “Sweet Love” is a good tease of what’s to come. “I really want to start taking people on a journey with my songwriting,” Kiesza said. “I actually wrote ‘Sweet Love’ with a baritone opera singer.”

But, after half a decade of no music, the 30-year-old revealed the terrifying reason for her break.

“I was in a car crash and that took me off two years in my music career. I got a traumatic brain injury,” she said. “I’m a lot better, I’m still healing. It takes a lot of time, it takes years. I’ve honestly gained so much as a person, though, by being forced to step back.”

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Kiesza announced that, along with her new music, she’s writing a musical.

“This is a project that’s been ongoing for the past year and a half,” she told the magazine. “We have the first draft of the script done and we’re finishing. I think we have five more songs to finish and then we’ll do the second draft and it’ll start going into production.”

Check out more of Kiesza’s interview with Paper here.

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