Director Cary Fukunaga is shooting down rumours that his obsession playing video games is causing him to spend an inordinate amount of time away from the set of “Bond 25”, resulting in a full-on crew “mutiny.”

U.K. tabloid The Sun claimed that “mutiny has erupted on the set” of the upcoming 25th 007 film because Fukunaga’s video game addiction is causing production delays that force the crew to work overtime.

“There is real mutiny right now on the set,” an anonymous source told the newspaper. “It’s bad enough that Cary was so late for filming and held everyone up, but then for the crew to be asked to work extra hours to cover it was just the final straw. They then set up a scene but the director failed to turn up for several hours because he was playing on his PlayStation.”

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Fukunaga, whose other directing credits include “Beasts of No Nation” and the first season of HBO’s “True Detective”, caught wind of the story and offered a tongue-in-cheek response via social media.

After paying tribute to the hard-working “Bond 25” crew, Fukunaga wrote, “So sure [directing is] hard, but it’s still the best job in the world and I’d never disrespect the hardest working cast and crew. We’re all in this together.”

He added: “As for my PS4 relationship, if my RDR2 [“Red Dead Redemption 2”] progress is any indication, it’s been stunted at 63 per cent for months and if anyone spoils the end for me before I wrap on B25 I’m going to be pissed.”

“Bond 25” has been plagued with delays after the initial 2019 release date had to be pushed back due to script problems and the departure of original director Danny Boyle. Meanwhile, production was further delayed when star Daniel Craig suffered an ankle injury that led filming to suspend for two weeks while the actor recovered from surgery.

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“Bond 25” is scheduled to hit theatres on April 8, 2020.

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