Jimmy Kimmel Takes Swipe At Alabama’s Anti-Abortion Law, Comes Up With ‘Handmaid’s Tale’-Style Idea

Jimmy Kimmel mocks Alabama’s anti-abortion law in a new skit featuring Rachel Bloom.

Kimmel starts the clip by insisting: “No woman should ever be forced to raise a child in Alabama.”

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He then goes through what to do if emergency contraception like Plan B isn’t available either, with a voiceover saying that women need to go to Plan C.

The C stands for car, “As in, get in one and drive 230 miles or so to a neighbouring state.”

However, if your neighbouring state happens to be Alabama, the voiceover says, “You might need Plan D,” before urging ladies to “find someone who claims to be a doctor on Craigslist” and “meet them behind a Popeyes Fried Chicken.”

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The clip even gets to Plan E (which is, “Get Emotional, just not at work”) before showing Bloom in a “Handmaid’s Tale” get-up while holding two babies for Plan F: “F**ked, because that’s what you are.”

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