BBC Comedy Portrays Meghan Markle As A ‘Trailer Trash’ American Who Threatens To Kill Kate Middleton With A Knife

It was meant to be funny, but no one is laughing.

The BBC Two series “Tonight With Vladimir Putin” is a spoof chat show that turns real people into 3D digital characters. In an episode set to air on Sunday night called “Meghan Markle’s Royal Sparkle”, the Duchess of Sussex is portrayed in a racist manner as a trailer living, knife cutting American.

“What makes you angry?” asks one audience member.

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Meghan starts to tell a story about a time that Kate Middleton wanted to use her hairbrush. “I say no because that’s gross and then I leave my room and come back and I can tell she’s used my hairbrush anyway because it’s covered in skanky hair that’s going grey and I say, ‘Stay the f**k out of my trailer or I’ll cut you, Kate,’” the character yells.

Another audience member asks, “I’d just like to know: how’s your dad?”. “Great question. Next,” she replies.

A third question enquires what it is like to be married to Prince Harry. “I’m just wondering why you’re so interested there, missy? I mean, what’s that about? Do you have a problem with me and Harry? Are you trying to lay claim to my man?” She then adds, “We can go right now, bi**h, you and me.”

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A spokesperson for the BBC told The Telegraph, “Viewers will clearly recognise this performance as a spoof and highly satirical, within the context of a programme which lampoons a wide range of public figures and the public’s perception of them.”

ET Canada has reached out to the Duchess’ rep for comment.

Social media is in disbelief that the BBC would air something so blatantly racist, even those who don’t normally defend the Royal Family.




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