Janet Jackson says she will continue to keep the legacy of Michael Jackson alive.

In an interview with the Sunday Times magazine, the 53-year-old “Rhythm Nation” singer spoke about her late brother and the influence he his music still has on the music world.

“It will continue,” she said when asked about the King of Pop’s legacy. “I love it when I see kids emulating him, when adults still listen to his music.”

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Jackson, who passed away of an accidental drug overdose in 2009 at age 50, has been making posthumous headlines due to the horrific allegations of child sexual abuse made by accusers James Safechuck and Wade Robson in HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland”.

While Jackson didn’t comment on those accusations, she did speak about how her brother’s music continues to loom large over the pop music of today.

“It just lets you know the impact that my family has had on the world,” she explained. “I hope I’m not sounding arrogant in any way. I’m just stating what is. It’s really all God’s doing, and I’m just thankful for that.”

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Jackson did, however, talk about her late father, Joe Jackson, who was responsible to pushing his children toward stardom but also earned a reputation as a harsh taskmaster.

“When parents see something in their children, I guess they guide them in that direction,” she said of her father, who passed away in June 2018. “Especially when you’re talking about children who grew up in that urban area. Music was a way to keep us off the streets. My father saw a way out for his children. A better life. And thank God for that.”

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