Call them “The Exonerated Five” now.

The 2019 BET Awards on Sunday took a moment to shine a spotlight on the men known as the Central Park Five, who were wrongly convicted in a brutal 1989 rape case.

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The five men were introduced to the stage by actress Regina Hall, and each took turns speaking part of a speech.

“We are all on an individual journey in life. We don’t know where our journeys will take us or how they will collide with others,” they told the audience. “I didn’t know that one day would bond me to these men for the rest of our lives. But I know that in telling our truth, our lives have been changed forever. Your truth is the foundation your legacy will be built upon. Your truth will be the memories people keep long after you’re gone.”

The men were exonerated in 2002 on DNA evidence, along with the confession of a serial rapist and murdered.

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The Central Park Five have been in the spotlight once again after their story was told in the four-part Netflix drama “When They See Us”, directed by Ava DuVernay.