The Queen Of The North made a triumphant return to her home and native land this past weekend!

Taking Pride Toronto by storm, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” season 11 runner-up Brooke Lynn Hytes teamed up with Lyft in support of its “Two Is Too Few” initiative. The rideshare app “is now the first…in Canada and the U.S. to offer a range of optional pronouns to include transgender and non-binary riders,” per a press release.

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“It’s such a simple gesture and it’s such an easy thing,” Hytes said during her interview with ET Canada on the official Lyft float. “It makes everybody feel a little bit more seen and a little bit more appreciated and a little bit more understood.”

Photo Courtesy Of Lyft
Photo Courtesy Of Lyft

The reality TV star also shared what Pride means to her. “Pride is a special time of year for me ’cause this is actually when I came out to my family,” Hytes revealed. “It just means celebrating who we are, coming together as a community and a reminder that…there’s so much more work to do as a community.”

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“All anybody wants in the world is just to be the same as anybody else,” she continued. “We deserve equal rights, equal health care, equal pay for everybody across the board — bar none. And I know that’s not so much of an issue in Canada but…there’s work to be done everywhere just for total equality for all. It’s such a simple concept but I think that’s just all what anybody wants at the end of the day.”

Check out our full interview with Brooke Lynn Hytes below.


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