“Chernobyl” is one of the biggest, most acclaimed TV hits of the year.

Star Jared Harris sat down for an interview with IMDb to talk about the impact of the series and the fact that it has become the No. 1 rated TV show on the site.

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“I feel like it’s hit a nerve,” the actor said. “The whole idea of truth is very much in the news right now and the concept of whether people are able to choose their own facts and the idea that truth is malleable.”

Harris added, “It’s that lucky thing because you can never plan this because you don’t know what’s going to be happening in the world in one year or 18 months from the time when you start a project. Sometimes you’re lucky and it comes out at the right moment and it hits the zeitgeist, hits the nerve. It touches on something that people are talking about and thinking about and it seems to have done that.”

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Harris also did IMDb’s “Take 5”, answering questions about his impressive film and television career, including his “perfect” movie and the ’80s hit he still hasn’t seen.

The actor also reveals that he once cried while watching “Legally Blonde 2”.

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