Prince William Says He’d ‘Fully Support’ His Kids If They Were Gay: ‘Fine By Me’

The Duke Of Cambridge says he’d stand behind any of his children if they were gay.

Speaking at an LGBTQ youth charity in London supported by the Albert Kennedy Trust, which helps LGBTQ youth who are at risk of homelessness, Prince William was asked how he would react if one of his three children — George, Charlotte or Louis — eventually came out as gay.

“I think you really don’t start thinking about that until you are a parent and I think — obviously, absolutely fine by me,” William, 37, says. Though he explains that he would stand by any one of his children, he admits he does have worries due to his family’s royal position in society.

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“It’s something I’m nervous about, not because I’m worried about them being gay or anything, it’s more about the fact that I’m worried about the pressures that they’re going to face and how much harder their life could be. So from a parent’s point of view, that’s the angle I worry about,” he says.

“I wish we lived in a world where it’s really normal and cool, but particularly for my family, and the position that we are in, that’s the bit I am nervous about. I fully support whatever decision they make, but it does worry me from a parent point of view. How many barriers — hateful words, persecution, all that and discrimination that might come — that’s the bit that really troubles me.”

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The duke is hoping for a brighter future for the LGBTQ community and acceptance.

“But that’s for all of us to try and help correct and make sure we can put that to the past and not come back to that sort of stuff.”

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