“Gilmore Girls” fans in Canada are getting their chance to meet one of the show’s biggest stars.

Gilmore Girls Fan Fest, which is taking place in the town of Unionville in Markham, Ont. this year, will feature none other than Luke Danes actor, Scott Patterson.

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The event marks a homecoming for the actor and in fact, the original pilot of “Gilmore Girls” was filmed in Unionville.

“Scott Patterson’s opening scene of ‘Gilmore Girls’, when Lorelai enters Luke’s Diner for the very first time in the show was filmed right here on Main Street and we can’t wait to hear Scott reminisce about filming here nearly 20 years ago,” said Unionville B.I.A. Chair Sarah Gratta.

Patterson will take part in a moderated Q&A during the festival and will also stick around for fan meet-and-greets.

“When the opportunity for bringing the festival to Unionville popped up, we knew we had to do something special,” said festival co-founder Jennie Whitaker. “Seeing Scott Patterson in the place where the pilot was filmed will create an obvious level of excitement for fans who have been to the event in the past as well as for those who will attend for the first time.”

Fans will also get a chance to purchase Patterson’s own brand of Scotty P’s Big Mug coffee.

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Previously announced cast and crew members appearing at the event include actors Aris Alvardo, Shelly Cole, George Bell, Olivia Hack, Emily Kuroda, Grant Lee Phillips, Sheila Lawrence and Liz Torres, along with costumer Valerie Campbell and writer Stan Zimmerman.

More guests are still to be confirmed.

The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Fan Fest will be held in Unionville from Oct. 4 to 6.