‘RHONJ’ Stars Jim and Amber Marchese Clap Back After Son Says That They Refuse To Pay For His College Tuition Because He’s Gay

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” alum Jim and Amber Marchese are clapping back after their son Michael James made some shocking allegations against them.

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On Tuesday, Instinct claimed that the reality couple are refusing to pay for their son’s college tuition because he’s gay. But now, they’re letting the world know that those allegations are false.

“This has nothing to do with sexuality,” Jim tells Champion Daily in a lengthy statement. “It has to do with money. He wants to go to a no-name college in Connecticut that costs $275,000 when he doesn’t even have a career path that he’s focused on versus going to a state school that would cost $40,000.”

“Who pays that much for Fairfield College? If he had gotten into Yale, Harvard, MIT, U Penn, Wharton Business School — any of the top 20 schools — we would have a conversation. The idea that he wants to spend $275,000 without regard to the fact that he’s got four other siblings who also need financial help is absurd and selfish,” Jim adds.

In response to Michael James’ claims that his father mentally abused him after finding out he was gay, leading to being “removed from his home,” Jim says he “never kicked him out.”

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Michael also created a GoFundMe page to raise funds for his tuition, which the 50-year-old reality star says is “a fraud.”

“I just paid for him to complete Christian Brothers Academy, an elite private school, and for him to complete pre-high school at an elite private school at a total expense of $200,000+. His mother did not pay any of it,” he reveals in a statement.

“In the end this has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It has to do with money, which again his mother, grandparents, etc. will put no money into. No one believes this is a good investment, which is why no one is co-signing. The GoFundMe page again is a scam. Even if he gets the first year, where is he coming up with the rest of the money? He’d have to do a GoFundMe every year.”

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Jim’s wife Amber, and stepmom to Michael, also released a statement saying that she’s “really upset” about the situation.

“We tried to keep it out of the public for a reason so Michael can heal from past traumas (that have NOTHING to do with being gay and/or a member of the LGBTQ community) that have happened to him,” she says. “I have said since Day 1, since we found out, that we love him, we adore him, and we want the best for him.”

“What he’s doing is called extortion,” she continues. “He is using my public platform coupled with him being gay in order to try to get us to pay for something.

“Also, it would be wise to not forget that Jim and I have put all four of our kids through private school, which is an expensive investment (almost a half-million spent already) coupled with the fact that I am a two-time breast cancer survivor. I have paid out of pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to ensure that I am cancer-free and stay healthy for ALL four of my children.”

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