Samantha Bee Blasts Donald Trump’s Comments After E. Jean Carroll’s Sexual Assault Allegations

Samantha Bee is after Donald Trump once again.

Amid the sexual assault allegations against the U.S. President from Elle writer E. Jean Carroll, the “Full Frontal” host kicked off Wednesday’s episode all about Trump’s response to the claims.

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“Thank you for tuning into my show instead of watching the Democratic debate and getting swept away by John Delaney fever,” Bee began. “This is the 22nd accusation of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump. Twenty-two! If I had a dollar for every person Trump allegedly sexually harassed or assaulted, I would be doing better than any of his businesses.”

She then blasted Trump’s denial, for claiming they’ve never met and “she’s not my type,” despite having many photos with Carroll.

“So naturally, there’s a photo of them together. Remember if Trump says something isn’t, it definitely is,” noted Bee. “Don’t say you have a rape type! You weren’t her type either, which is the whole f**king problem!”

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The Canadian comedian later slammed the media’s lack of coverage, “No one should ever sit down with President Predator without asking about these 22 women … It matters. It will never stop mattering. You wouldn’t interview Jeffrey Dahmer and only ask him about spice blends.”

She added, “If you’re not going to hold Trump accountable, you’re not a journalist. Go do Sunday morning segments about fucking lasagna. Otherwise, do your job please.”

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