Since his exit from “The Late Show”, David Letterman’s look has become dominated by his long, grey beard, and Jonathan Van Ness of “Queer Eye” is working his magic on the facial fur of his fellow Netflix star, currently seen hosting the second season of “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction”.

In a new video, Letterman and Van Ness meet up at a barbershop, where the bearded JVN tells Letterman that his beard can use a little TLC.

“That is someone who looks like they are ready to sign a treaty at Fort Sumter, honey,” he tells Letterman, who insists that his beard not be trimmed.

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To give Letterman’s beard some style, Van Ness infuses Letterman’s beard with oils and potions — and even gives his moustache handlebars.

Throughout it all, Letterman and Van Ness — who identifies as non-binary — discuss a wide range of topics, including sexual identification, something that Letterman admits can leave him somewhat baffled.

“It’s okay not to know all the definitions,” says Van Ness, “or all the answers.”

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The duo also discuss the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and the current state of late-night TV, while Letterman shares his own tips on the art of the interview.

The second season of “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” is currently streaming, while the fourth season of “Queer Eye” will debut on July 19

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