Nicki Minaj Reveals Reason She Was Fired From The Red Lobster, Enjoys Dinner Date With Jimmy Fallon

Nicki Minaj revealed why she was fired from numerous Red Lobsters during an appearance on Thursday’s “Tonight Show”.

Minaj and Jimmy Fallon visited a Red Lobster for dinner, where the rapper told him what she was like as a server.

“I had worked at a couple different Red Lobsters and got fired from all three or four of them.”

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Minaj was fired from the last Red Lobster she worked at because one of the customers left no tip and took her pen. So, naturally, she followed them out to their car.

Minaj said, “I banged on the car window and I said, ‘Give me my pen!’”

She then flipped the middle finger at the couple, telling Fallon: “My manager fired me on the spot.”

However, after a feast of lobster and cocktails, Fallon told Minaj: “I also tracked the people down and got your pen back. You’ve been redeemed,” as well as handing her a “cheddar bay biscuits for life” card.

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The pair even put their serving skills to the test by giving customers nearby their food and drinks.

Minaj also took part in a “Wheel of Freestyle” skit and talked about her new music.

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