Psy has been summoned to give evidence amid the ongoing K-pop scandal surrounding his ex-boss reportedly procuring sex workers for foreign investors.

The “Gangnam Style” singer was called as a reference witness amid the investigation into Yang Hyun-suk, founder of K-pop giant YG Entertainment.

Psy, who was signed to the label for eight years, attended a dinner in July 2014, which allegedly saw Hyun-Suk obtain sex workers for the investors.

However, according to the Hollywood Reporter the singer denied he had been aware of any illegal activity.

Attendees included disgraced Malaysian businessman Jho Low.

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THR reported crimes in the investigation included bribery, tax evasion, and the coverup of a drug scandal.

Hyun-suk resigned from his job earlier this week, saying in a statement: “For the past 23 years have I devoted half of my entire life to grow YG [Entertainment].

“But today I am leaving all my duties at YG. YG being stabilized as soon as possible is what I am hoping from the bottom of my heart. Last but not least, I believe the truth beneath all the rumours and what is currently being reported will be probed thoroughly,” he added, according to Variety.

Local authorities say they have “yet to find any substantial evidence.”

This isn’t the first time YG has made headlines recently, with Big Bang boy-band member Seungri being accused of supplying prostitutes.

Jung Joon-young also quit music after he admitted to sharing secretly filmed sex videos.

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