The recently released collab “Homicide” from Logic and Eminem features a sample of comedian Chris D’Elia’s bang-on impression of Slim Shady, and the new video for the track takes the meta level to new heights by having D’Elia play Eminem — and vice-versa.

The video begins with Logic in a recording studio when he’s joined by Def Jam CEO Paul Rosenberg, who breaks the news that they won’t be able to shoot the video that was originally planned.

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However, he has an alternate plan: instead of Logic and Eminem trading verses, D’Elia will stand in for Eminem, while Logic will be portrayed by Chauncey Leopardi, a.ka. Michael “Squints” Palledorous from “The Sandlot”.

Things get even weirder when Eminem does show up — costumed as D’Elia, with the rapper doing his impression of D’Elia’s impression of him.

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Earlier this year, Eminem shared a video of D’Elia’s impersonation on Twitter, admitting that “4 a second I actually thought it WAS me!!”