Elton John has no problem standing up to world leaders.

On Friday, the legendary musician took to Twitter to write an open letter to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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John slammed Putin for his “duplicity” in claiming Russia has “no problem” with LGBTQ people, while at the same time Russian distributors censored gay content in his film “Rocketman”, including references to him finding happiness with his husband and children.

The 72-year-old’s comments came as a response to an interview Putin had given to The Financial Times this week.

Putin responded over the weekend, reportedly saying, “[Elton John] is mistaken. We [in Russia] have a very neutral attitude to members of the LGBT community. We have a law, for which we’ve been slammed, a law banning propaganda of homosexuality among minors.”

He added of John, “I respect him very much, he is a genial musician, he comes to Russia and we are happy to listen to him sing.”

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Fans on Twitter applauded John for standing up for LGBTQ rights.