Congratulations to Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel.

The “Pretty Little Liars” star is pregnant with her Canadian actor boyfriend’s child, she announced on Friday with a topless Instagram picture showing her baby bump. The news comes just over six months after she revealed to fans that she had suffered a miscarriage last year. Mitchell, 32, has been quietly dating TV host Babel since January 2017.

“Does this mean I’m allowed to drive in the car pool lane at all times now?” Mitchell captioned the pic.

She also shared a video announcing her new YouTube series, titled “Almost Ready”, which documents her pregnancy journey.

“There is something in the oven and it’s not my pizza!!!” Mitchell wrote in the description on YouTube. “WOW… It’s kind of surreal processing the fact that another human is growing inside of you. It’s exciting, nerve-racking, difficult and emotional all at the same time. Everyone waits for the right time to make the announcement and for me it wasn’t until I couldn’t hide it anymore and was tired of wearing over sized sweatshirts. We’re beyond excited and looking forward to starting a family. I’ve learned so much about myself and parenthood over the past 6 months, and feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface! It’s going to be a wild ride!!”

In an emotional New Year’s note, Mitchell revealed that her heartbreak over privately suffering a miscarriage. “The support and affection that so many of you show me lifts me up during even my darkest days, one of which happened last year after I miscarried and lost the child of my hopes and dreams,” the actress shared.

“In the spirit of the new year, I think that we need to remember that we are all on this journey together — in good times and in bad — and to remind ourselves that we seldom really know or understand the struggles and hardships that other people are going through,” she added.

In an interview with ET days later, Mitchell’s “PLL” co-star, Janel Parrish, sent her friend well wishes.

“I respect her bravery so much,” Parrish said. “That can’t be an easy thing to talk about, and a lot of people go through that and I think she can inspire people for the hope of, you know… life still going on and still amazing things still happening.”

See more on Mitchell in the video below.


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