The Academy of Motion Pictures just got a lot bigger.

Adele, Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, plus 842 others have all been invited to become members. The trio, who all are recipients of Oscars, are among the 28 music branch invitees.

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Claire Foy, Sterling K. Brown, Tom Holland and Alexander Skarsgård are just a few of the actor invited to join.

These new additions have pushed the number of active Academy members over 9,000 and the number of Oscars voters over 8,000 for next year’s Academy Awards.

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In a statement, the Academy revealed that 50 percent of those invited are women (up from 49 percent last year) and that 29 percent are people of colour. The list was also heavily weighted toward international members.

Almost all of this year’s Oscar-nominated actors had already been invited to join the Academy, except Gaga. (despite her co-writing credit on the 2015 nominated song “Til It Happens to You”). But this year she was invited to join both the Academy’s Actors Branch and Music Branch after 2018’s “Star Is Born” where she was nominated for Best Actress and Best Orginal Song, which she and Ronson took home.

Adele won a statue in 2013 for Best Orginal Song for “Skyfall”.