DJ, songwriter, producer and all-around musician Mark Ronson opened up the doors of his Spanish-style home in Los Angeles to Architectural Digest.

The “Uptown Funk” co-writer has lived in the airy home for two and a half years and bought the house because it reminds him of a “fantasy of what Los Angeles is.”

As you enter the two-story foyer, the Spanish influences are evident which Ronson points out there was “no point in trying to rip up” the beautiful Spanish tile.

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Contrasting the traditional style of the home is his love of modern art and patterns that cover almost every surface. “I’m into patterns,” he proclaims. Everything from Andy Warhol’s Cambell soup cans put onto fabric for a dress, the print from a couch in London that is now wallpaper, the drapes, chairs, the patterns are everywhere but have an odd way of clashing so much that they match.

Other common occurrences throughout the house include Lady Gaga pictures, cassettes and record players.

“Someone once told me that you should put the thing you want to show off the most in your washroom because the most people will see it,” he said as showed off a framed letter from “my hero, favourite person ever” Stevie Wonder.

While some rooms have been updated, the former children’s bedroom has not as the previous owners had Beatrix Potter wallpaper which Ronson loved too much to remove.

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However, the “nicest part of the house” is the palm tree clad backyard oasis complete with a pool, gardens and a guest house.

According to Ronson, the man who designed the “Beverly Hills Hotel Bungalows” also did this place so “it has that Old Hollywood charm.”

Check out the full tour above.