Miley Cyrus has dropped her sizzling new music video for her latest track “Mother’s Daughter”.

Cyrus sings about girl power in the newly released vid, with her mom Tish Cyrus, Casil McArthur and Lacey Baker joining a bunch of “bad a** women” in the clip.

The singer has been teasing the clip for a while now, with her finally unveiling it in its entirety Tuesday.

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Cyrus called her latest track a “bad a** feminist anthem” in a tweet posted Monday.

She also said the video would be the “s**t,” which judging from fan reaction so far, it is.

Amazon Ashley said of starring in the clip: “Sometimes I feel so helpless and discouraged because there is so much injustice discrimination and hatred in the world we live in… and now in particular under our current administration this dilemma is magnified tenfold!

“However I still believe there is hope!! We’re living in dark times but ‘this too shall pass’!! I pray that goodness will win and darkness won’t prevail!!”

Cyrus’ video comes after she performed on the Glastonbury stage over the weekend, where she was joined by her dad Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X, who belted out their smash hit “Old Town Road”.