At age 55, Brad Pitt is happy to pass the acting torch to the younger generation.

“I’m behind the camera on the producing side and I enjoy that a lot, but I keep doing less and less,” the actor says in the new issue of GQ Australia

Pitt, whose big break came with a small role in 1991’s “Thelma & Louise”, says there’s a “natural selection” at play in Hollywood, especially with the streaming options and the sheer number of blockbuster franchises and sequels.

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“I really believe that overall it’s a younger man’s game — not that there aren’t substantial parts for older characters. I just feel, the game itself, it’ll move on naturally. There will be a natural selection to it all,” he says. “But I’m curious to see what the future of film is, what shape it takes. I really appreciate the streaming services because we’re seeing more and more quality projects being made. We’re seeing more writers and directors and actors getting a shot. It just tells you how many talented people are out there.”

Art Streiber/GQ
Art Streiber/GQ

For a movie star like Pitt, there’s room for films to be released in both a traditional theatrical setting and on streaming services.

“But I could be a dinosaur and not even know it, man. And the comet could be on the way,” he adds.

Starring in “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” and this fall’s anticipated space drama “Ad Astra”, Pitt is still very much an old-school movie star, at least according to “Once Upon A Time” director Tarantino.

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“I thought he would be terrific in this character because it needs a terrific actor but it also needs a movie star,” Tarantino says, describing Pitt’s casting as a stunt man in his ode to the Golden Age of Hollywood, “and particularly a movie star like Mr. Pitt, a movie star that I think audiences like watching. Like a Steve McQueen or someone – you like watching him. You like watching the way he moves, you like watching the way he drives. This cool, masculine quality that a movie star can have – he has it. And he’s had it for this whole last generation of actors.”

“Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” opens in theatres on July 26.

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