‘Midsommar’ Star Jack Reynor On Why He Pushed For ‘As Much Full-Frontal Nudity As Possible’

In new horror film “Midsommar”, star Jack Reynor let’s it all hang out — literally — spending a considerable amount of screen time completely nude in the latest from “Hereditary” director Ari Aster.

In a conversation with Variety, the 27-year-old actor explains that he actually insisted on full-frontal nudity for the film, which finds a group of tourists participating in a bizarre midsummer festival that offers an array or twisted, shocking moments.

“I was advocating for as much full frontal as possible,” says Reynor. “I felt like it was really important. When I read the script, I saw an opportunity to take a character who exhibits a lot of archetypal male characteristics — like male toxicity — who has all of the stuff stripped away from him through the course of the film and then ultimately finds himself in this situation which is kind of the ultimate humiliation.”

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He continues: “It was always intentional to have the full frontal. That was what Ari wanted to do. But I was really saying, ‘We got to do as much of this as possible.’”

“Midsommar” is in theatres now.

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