Shaquille O’Neal just dropped his latest single with Lil Jon and Nghtmre.

The trio debuted their brand new track “Bang” on Wednesday, along with the music video, and it’s all about the Miami lifestyle.

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Fans can join Nghtmre, Shaq and Lil Jon as they ride around in a Ferrari, hit up the club, stuff their faces and receive the ultimate spa treatment.

“It was incredibly amazing to be able to spend time with Shaq and Lil Jon in Miami during Ultra week,” Nghtmre told Billboard. “We did a lot of random things, and I’m glad someone was there to document it. I think my favourite thing was either the staring contest with Lil Jon, or having to literally jump on Shaq to get him out of bed. I’ve looked up to these guys for such a long time, so it was a hilarious experience — 16-year-old me would have been very proud.”

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Shaq added: “Those two are like brothers to me, and we all had a blast shooting.”

You can check out all the shenanigans the threesome get into via the video above.