There have been some pretty creative gender reveals out there but Shay Mitchell’s takes the cake.

The former “Pretty Little Liars” star announced at the end of June that she and boyfriend Matte Babel are expecting their first child together. Since then, the two have nailed down their parenting style.

In the gender reveal of the year, Mitchell left the planning to her assistant and while they didn’t have it in front of family and friends, they did take predictions, with a girl taking the win 6 to 2.

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As Mitchell and Babel waited, a blue Power Ranger stormed into the yard followed by a pink Power Ranger. “A blue power ranger…. I knew it! Wait, what… we’re not having twins,” Mitchell shouted.

The two then fought to the death, nearly literally, as they threw each other in the pool but then struggled to breathe through the wet masks.

After removing the masks, the pink Power Ranger made it out of the pool and into the laps of Babel and Mitchell. “Can you guys just say if it’s a girl or a boy?!” Babel exclaimed as she nodded yes.

“Oh my God, everybody freaking knew!” Mitchell responded, referring to the tally they took beforehand.

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While they both thought they were having a boy, Mitchell said she is “obviously” happy it is a girl.

Later on, the couple answered fans’ questions about the pregnancy during a Q&A, revealing that the baby girl is scheduled to arrive at the beginning of October, though they think it could be closer to the end of September.

Mitchell also said that the couple won’t be tying the knot any time soon. “I like being a girlfriend,” she said.