Motocross Daredevil Axell Hodges ‘Severely Injured’ During Failed Practice Jump For ‘Evel Live 2’

There will be a format change on History‘s “Evel Live 2” special after one of the daredevils suffered a nasty accident during a practice jump.

In a press release, the History channel announced on Friday that “Evel Live 2” will have a “revamped format” after motocross star Axell Hodges crashed his bike during a practice attempt at making the longest motorcycle jump in history.

As video obtained by TMZ demonstrates, Hodges, 22, sped over a huge ramp to make the jump but missed the ramp when he came down, severely injuring both ankles when he crashed onto the concrete surface as his body skidded on the pavement.

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Hodges was attempting to break the record set by Robbie Maddison in 2011 by jumping a distance of 378 feet nine inches.

The initial plan for the show was to feature live coverage of Hodges’ attempt. In addition, the show would air Hodges’ jump over more than 24 beverage trucks, beating O.G. daredevil Evel Knievel’s 1970 attempt and the subsequent record set by his son Robbie Knievel in 2008, as well as Vicki Golden’s attempts at three more record-breaking stunts.

Instead, the special will feature exclusive footage of Hodges’ crash, while Golden will proceed with her live attempt to become the first woman to break the fire board record, zooming at high speed through a series of flaming wooden boards with hopes of besting the record set in 2006.

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