As the Pink Tartan show proved earlier this week, fashion lovers and the social scene alike come out of the woodwork for everything Mimran.

Dragon’s Den star Arlene Dickinson, Galen Weston, Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox and, of course, Joe’s wife Kim were spotted front row taking in the designer’s Joe Fresh Parisian Fall 2013 collection.

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Mimran took inspiration from the Paris jazz scene in the early ’90s, saying that he specifically looked to “that tough, feminine-chic French girl.”;   Referencing the early days of street style, the collection was rife with cool details.  Studs, black hankerchiefs, chained heels and more studs grabbed fashion week’s attention, but it was the wearable yet stylish monochromatic collection that won them over.

With only a pair of blue pieces breaking up the black and white show, Mimran told us he’s not afraid to go to the dark side:  “I was a little worried when I went to the black trend because the Joe Fresh brand is so much about colour, that to pull it back completely and go all black is kind of strange, but I just thought it felt right.”;

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With a handful of basics that will appeal to the mass – a cut-out black blouse, cape pea coat and striped knit sweater, it will be the fashion savvy who’ll flock to the fall collection.

Watch more with Joe below and let us know your thoughts on the fall collection!